Our Journey

It all started with an experience...

This company is rooted in an experience our founder, Jonathan Vo, had in Singapore while shopping for antiques. It was a torrential downpour that day and to take refuge from the rain, the antique shop owner invited Jonathan in to stay and enjoy a warm cup of tea.

The shop owner explained the origin of loose leaf teas, the history, and how to steep tea leaves with different teaware. He shared his love of tea and connected with Jonathan, a total stranger.

Everything changed that day for Jonathan as he watched this tea master narrating a simple process to produce a great cup of tea. This awakened Jonathan’s passion for tea and a desire to share this joy with others. We believe that tea is not just a beverage. It has the power to bring comfort and pleasure in solitude and in connecting with people.

Rooted Rooms Floating Shelves with Teaware

Our Mission

At Rooted Rooms, our goal is to provide a peaceful environment, the finest loose-leaf tea, and high-quality teaware for tea drinkers at all levels to learn, enjoy and appreciate the tea culture.

The process of brewing and drinking tea should be simple, fun, and informative without any pretense. Good tea should not only be balanced but also has the power to calm the mind and elicit joy. Delicious tea should be rich in aroma, smooth, elegant, and have a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Ultimately, a good tea experience requires more than high-quality leaves, it also requires pure water, brewing vessels, and the drinker’s peaceful state of mind. Rooted Rooms was founded on these principles to emphasize the pleasure of drinking tea. We wish to educate, inspire, and share this experience to tea lovers around the world.