Brew Guides

General Brew Guides

Brewing tea should be simple and fun 

The best way to enjoy high-quality tea is to brew gongfu style. The literal meaning of gongfu cha is “making tea with skill” and it refers to the time that is needed to achieve mastery of the art.

Here are our recommendations for the basic parameters that you balance when brew gongfu style. Feel free to use these recommendations as a starting point to enjoy and create your own unique tea experience.

Leaf-to-water ratio

1 gram of tea for every ~20-30 ml of water in the vessel. The more leaf you use, the more concentrated your tea will be. 

Temperature of water 

Depends on the type, varietal, and quality of tea. Oolong and Pu'er brew at 203ºF - 212ºF.

Quality of Water

We recommend using spring or filtered soft tap water for the best brewing.

Infusion time

For Oolong: 1-2 minutes depending on the tea and personal taste. For all loose leaf teas, you can re-steep the tea leaves multiple times. 

For Pu'er: The first 2-3 infusions last about 10-15 seconds. Each subsequent infusion should last about 5-10 seconds longer.